Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weekend relaxation...?

Hello everyone!  How was your weekend?  Mine was quite relaxing.  My honey came home on Saturday afternoon.  Then Saturday evening a friend of ours invited us over for a birthday dinner and she invited our other friends as well.  It was a wonderful evening full of good food and laughter.  And as luck would have it, we had a spectacular fireworks show to watch from her deck!  The fireworks was put on by a local man who does this every year.  He's a professional pyrotechnician (?) He does this for the 4th of July but evidently it was too wet on the 4th here (we were in Kansas over the 4th and it wasn't at all wet there) or something so the display was postponed until the 11th.   I'm not sure what the rest of the story is, apparently there is more to it, but I don't recall what it is.  So anyhow, there was this spectacular display that probably lasted about 30 to 40 minutes.  It was amazing!  What a way to end the evening with friends! 

So on Sunday after church we (my honey and I) sat around and relaxed. He played with his new lens filters (I bought him some fancy filters for his fancy digital camera) I found for his birthday.  And I crocheted!

And crocheted.....

and crocheted.

It was soooo nice.  At one point I had Ricky (dog) and Ethan (cat) both sitting with me and we were all quite comfortable.  Ethan took off after a few shots with the camera.  Can you tell he looked annoyed?  Ricky is quite content to have his pictures taken so long as you don't ask him to move.  Then he begins to make faces and no matter what you do, he'll look icky in every shot.  I'm not kidding!  It's a talent he has!

So what I am making is a table cloth.  And what is cool about it is that the motif's go really quickly and it doesn't really take too many of them in order to complete the table cloth.  AND this pattern is actually one that allows you to put the motif's on as you go.  So you get to see it actually take shape as a whole.  Usually you have to make a boat load of these little squares before you can begin putting them together.  But not this one!  I really like that.    And it's the pineapple design which I really like too.  Once you get all the motif's completed and put together, you then go around the whole thing and put on a final edge.  It's really quite pretty.  So, if I can keep the momentum up, I should be done with this by... let's say... a few weeks?  But, I know myself pretty well.  I'll be lucky if I can get it completed by the end of the year!   So far I've only gotten 5 squares done.  But, I've done enough now that I pretty much don't need the pattern so that makes it go even faster!  So this is what I've gotten done so far!

That is about a square a day.  I know, I know!  So I'm slow and I don't have as much time as I'd like!  For example...  I could be crocheting right now... but I'm doing this instead!  So...  maybe by the end of the year!  It would help if  Ya'll would ask me about the progress every now and then.  ;-)

Okay, so I need to get busy.  Did I mention that I'm going to begin making a little patchwork baby blanket for my niece's baby?  Yup, the "sewing" thing is my friend Corinnea's fault!  She got me "inspired" to sew something.  I mean, how hard can it be to sew a bunch of squares together?  Did I just say that out loud?  OH MY GOSH!  QUICK EVERYONE KNOCK ON WOOD OR SOMETHING!  I think I may have jinxed myself!  Aw man.  Well, wish me luck!  I'm gong upstairs to the sewing room and I'm gonna do this thing.  

I'm going...!  (sheesh)


chellebelle said...

Oh! your table cloth (cover, whatever) is going to be beautiful, and you have great gauge! the pattern looks intreging, I wanna see! I crochet as well as knit.. I crocheted for 15 years or so before the knitting, that is why I knit contenitally (holding the yarn like I'm crocheting.. much faster than English, or "throwing") I must say that this project is very, VERY courageous.. and I love the motifs that you add on to the project as you go, really a better way, and I think prettier. Can't wait to see the blanket.. Neat, neat, neat stuff!

corinnea said...

K, now you are just trying to make me crazy! You KNOW I love those pineapple patterns too..... I have three crocheting projects I haven't touched since summer started. Hope your quilt is going well. Don't know what you're talking about though, since I know you've done one before modest girl.