Thursday, July 9, 2009

Out of Africa...

Yay!  Baby girl is back from Africa!  She went to Botswana for three weeks with several people from school. 

 We went to visit her in KS last weekend and saw lot's of pictures that she took and I kid you not... they looked like the kinds of pictures you see on the Discovery Channel!  Lot's of photo's of wild animals and bugs.  Unfortunately I don't have any of those pictures but, I do have a few that I took of the gifts she gave us and one that she sent me in an e-mail.

So this is a statue that she brought back for her daddy.  The wood is the coolest looking hardwood.  Not sure what kind of wood it is carved out of but it's got lovely graining through it.  

This is the bowl she brought back for me.

And this is a small woven mat.

And this is a pair of Sandals that she picked up there

And it's made from these....

I just LOVED the sandals.  I know, these animals are so cute and all, but the sandals are sooo cool.  Okay for those of you who are into NOT wearing leather or wearing fur or eating meat... I'm sorry.  But I like all those things! And if you don't hold it against me I won't hold it against you.

Boy I wish ya'll could see the pictures baby girl took, they are just spectacular!   

Well, I need to get some more things done today.  Still trying to work on my glass studio, can't seem to get motivated.  I think it's because I don't have any shelves yet.  I can't get organized without those shelves!  (That's a good reason isn't it?)    ;-)

Be happy!


corinnea said...

Glad she had a good trip! Good place for bugs, eh? You know me, I dig the sandals! Glad she made it safely.

insanely crafty said...

That is so cool that she went to africa! Definately need to post more pictures. Love the sandals totally made me laugh.

chellebelle said...

lovely stuff.. love the sandals too. The statue is fantastic and the bowl is beautiful and the mat amazing.. that covers everything. Of course the best part is that your daughter is home safe and has hopefully had a live changing trip.. A lot of blessings in one post.