Friday, July 24, 2009

Awesome weather and other distractions...

I have to say that summers in the midwest aren't always very nice.  There are a couple of months when it gets awfully humid.  And I don't much care for that kind of weather.  But this year... it's been remarkably, beautifully dry!  Okay, so while I'm writing this I've closed up the house and I've got the wonderful A/C running.  But for nearly three weeks, we've had the house open!  As a matter of fact last week we had a day that was a record low!  It hadn't been that low since 1886!  
So, today, it's supposed to get muggy, but tomorrow the cool trend is supposed to be back again and let me tell you, I'll have the house open once again!  I love, love, love having the windows flung open and the door open and seeing my sheers wafting in the gentle breeze...  I haven't put up any lace curtains yet.  When we moved from our old house the buyers wanted to keep the lace curtains so I left them behind.  Fully intending, mind you, to replace them and make new ones for this house.  Well, I haven't done them yet.  I am Queen of the Procrastinators!  

Speaking of which... I am still working on the baby blanket.  It's nearly done... I just have to

tack it with some yarn in various spots.  If I wasn't so crunched for time I'd quilt it a bit, but... me being the Queen of Procrastination...  I'll be beginning my first leg of my mini-vacation on Monday.  I'll be heading out to Seattle to visit with my first born and his adorable wife.   I'll be spending three days with them and then going on to California to visit with my parent's and my nieces and going to our (my honey's and my) 30th high school reunion.  So, I figure I've got from now until the 30th of July to get those yarn tacks put in and have the blanket wrapped and ready for gift giving.  So, what have I been up to instead of completing this blanket?  Well, I clean the house, do laundry, Oh, I did some shopping!  Like clothes shopping.  You know a girl has to have some new clothes to go visiting in!  I've also been enjoying this lovely weather and going for walks.   Speaking of which, once again... On my last walk, I noticed that there were wild plums growing along the trail.

And these are mulberries.  There are trees all along the Mopac Trail and I find it interesting that some trees yield better tasting berries than others.  I know this because I stopped and picked from, at least, 8 trees along the path.  This particular tree had some of the best berries of them all!

In this photo below, I want you to see the Red Winged Black Bird.  Not because he is beautiful, but because he is MEAN!  I am walking along, enjoying the spectacular weather snapping photo's here and there when suddenly this THING comes out of nowhere and swoops down at me!  And it's SHRIEKING the WHOLE time!   It was dive bombing me!  Seriously, I was waving my arms around and screaming, ducking and swaying trying to avoid being seriously injured by this devilish bird!  I'm sure there was someone, somewhere watching this and laughing hilariously!  

Anyhow...  Even with that crazed bird, I had a wonderful walk and got some great pic's and some yummy snacking done.  What a good day.

The other thing I've been doing is working on my crocheted table cloth.  I should have been doing just about anything else (since there is a boat load of stuff I should do) but instead, I started on the second row of the table cloth.  I still have 10 more rows... but let's not think about that.

So, there you have it.  I have done everything except the things I should be doing.  Today, I plan to continue doing the same.  And then tonight, my honey and I, along with our good friend and her daughter will all go and have a wonderful picnic out at Soaring Wings Vineyard and listen to some great live music.  And the best thing is... once again... good food, good friends and good times!  I hope you all have this as well!  Enjoy your weekend and I'll write again when I return, or you can keep up with what I'm doing through Twitter!

Have a great weekend!


corinnea said...

The quilt looks great!

Wicked bird.... He just knew you were enjoying your walk...

The crocheting is yummy.

Have a wonderful trip!

Pam said...

I want to make a crochet tablecloth! What pattern are you using?

chellebelle said...

The quilt is fantastic! the table cloth to die for (brave, brave woman!) and you are visiting so close to me.. (same area anyway..) I am in the Portland, Or area... Hopefully our weather is cooler for you, it's been dreadful lately, too hot and too humid... Good traveling to you, enjoy your visit!