Friday, January 14, 2011

Knitting, adopting the Amish way....

I'm baaaack!

Firstly, (I think that's a word, but I'm too lazy to double check) I must thank all my friends who commented on my last post. You all are one of the main reasons I keep trying to make things! Your words of encouragement mean a great deal to me. And it keeps me from looking at all my hand made items as terrible or horrific failures! (I know, I tend to be a tad bit dramatic) ;-)

Yesterday I did go back to try my hand at the perfect bib. But, I was just not into thinking that hard so instead I made another hand warmer. Which was difficult enough, but not as difficult as working on the bib. That took me a good hour to make and then it was off to visit my neighbor across the street. Ms. Orlu is such a sweet lady and she makes coffee and we take turns making something yummy to eat with the coffee every Thursday afternoon. And as always, I stayed longer than I had intended so I didn't get back to sewing last night. And as much as I want to keep trying the "sewing" thing, I've got errands to run today and I need to get that done before we get another snow fall which is expected later this weekend.

So, I decided to post the knitted cowl that I made for myself. I made a cheater mobius cowl for dilly-girl and then I decided to try to do the real thing. I found this really delicious yarn

Art.#135 Color #098 Houston Cream Super Bulky

And, believe it or not... once again I forget where I got the instructions from. But it's super easy! And if you're interested, I can send the information out to you. Although, after having seen a You Tube video on Moebius cast on, this pattern that I used is still not technically a true Moebius.

So, in the interest of accuracy, I must admit that because I messed up the pattern as I was knitting, this is no longer an accurate design of the pattern. I actually put in two full twists instead of the one that is called for in this particular pattern. But, it's still fun to wear and I like how it sits on my shoulders. And I am taking to heart something one of the my wonderful blog friend told me. Which is... The Amish always include one mistake because only God makes perfection. So there you go.

As you can see, there are two full twists to this cowl. Thus, making this a non-moebius.

Now, as much as I like my cowl, I still want to make a Moebius Cowl. And I found wonderful directions on You Tube done by Cat Bordhi. She shows you exactly how to do a Moebius cast on. Check it out and if you decide you're going to make a Moebius or Infinity scarf, please share with us how it went!

Okay, so that is it. I must be off to run my errands. Have a great day everyone and meet you back here soon! ;-)


chellebelle said...

YOU KNOW WHAT? I TOTALLY LOVE YOU! I would give a great deal to live next to you, and have coffee and eat yummie things.. I am seriously thinking about asking for skype for my birthday, just so I could give you free knitting lessons.. anytime you wanted. I love your non- Moebius (Elizabeth Zimmerman does this in her books.. this is her thing..)I love the texture of it.. is it a moss stitch? Or is it garder? hard to tell but I'm sure it's wonderful I'm working on a lot of stuff, but have a dragon skin cowl started.. can't wait to show you..

Joan's Good Life said...

Ooooooooo! Ask for the Skype! Seriously, I would love to be able to sit with you and chat and knit together. That would be so much fun!

The cowl is a seed stitch. It was easy and fun and a great project to take along with me when ever I had meetings to attend. If I can, I may try to make another one without the double twist in it. It would make a great gift.

If you're ever in Nebraska..... I'll bake us up something yummy, make some coffee and we can do some knitting. ;-)

P.S. did I tell you I got one of Zimmermans books?

Jessica said...

That is so pretty! You need to model it though!

Corinnea said...

Firstly, your cowl is really cool but I agree with Jess, some modeling is in order. If you don't want to then at least grab that girl to do it for you!
Secondly, thanks for being humble and building us up. I know all the things you do well and I appreciate you not intimidating us with them. I love how you let us give you advice and encouragement to make us feel important! If Chellebelle knew what kinds of yummy stuff you can whip up she'd be beating down your door right now. I still dream of several things you make and one day, maybe, hopefully we'll get together again.

Joan's Good Life said...

Corinnea, really, you should not tell tales. Although I do love to cook and bake (because we all know that baking is NOT the same thing as cooking) I do not to do those exceptionally well either. I am one of those people who can do lots of things. I just don't do any one thing very well. So having said that...
Photography is another thing I don't do well. I have about 20 different shots of the cowl, or more accurately, photo's that were taken with getting a shot of the cowl in it. I'm wearing the cowl but you would not have noticed because they all either only had the top of my head or parts of my ear with a little shot of the cowl or really good shot of the nostrils. So I just gave up and put the cowl on the chair and on the bed. MUCH easier! I did mirror shots too. But the arm was in the way of being able to see the cowl very well so...And when "he" is home, I forget to have him take a photo. Sooo, there you go. But, thank you Corinnea! And we certainly do hope to be able to hang out with ya'll again someday!