Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lucky me with my new spice rack!

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to talk about my old & new spice rack.

First of all, it was a spice rack that probably sparked our (my honey and myself) first married argument. It wasn't too big an argument but big enough. And it was probably our first fight over money or lack there of. (I say probably because my mind is not what it used to be. AND because My honey and I tend to remember things a bit differently, if you know what I mean....)

So, I found this fabulous spice rack in a thrift shop and I talked the owner down from $20.00 to $10.00. (I was so proud of myself for saving my honey some money!) It was a really nice sized spice rack too! (That was back in the day when I only used the basic spices in my cooking!) I brought it back to the house (we were visiting my folks at the time) but there was no way we could take it on the plane with us so I brilliantly thought I'd mail it. Well, that fabulously inexpensive spice rack ended up costing us WAAAAY more than we could really afford! But, I got my way (my honey usually lets me get my way.) ;-P

Anyhow... once we got it back to our place the spice rack resurrected yet another fight. Because there really was no place to hang that large spice rack in our (extremely) small kitchen! At least not according to my honey. We finally did find a spot and all was well, until the next time we moved. And the time we moved after that and so on and so on, for most of our moves. A couple of months ago, I was in the kitchen when suddenly there was a HUGE crash! It was my beloved spice rack. The spice rack hung on the wall by a heavy gage wire. That wire held that rack up on walls all over Europe and the United States. But it was the screw that the wire was attached to that finally gave out. My honey came running out to see what had happened and (I think) may have had a little smile on his face when he saw the damage. I'm not exactly sure because I was just flat out devastated by the complete and utter destruction of my beloved spice rack! Fortunately, NONE of the bottles and jars broke when it all came down!

So, a few weeks ago, my father-in-law who is a brilliant carpenter brought over the shelf that he made for all my spice jars and bottles. I'm sure he's still not sure how he actually got talked into making it for me. But he did it and brought it over when they came over for the Baptism. I finally got it stained and my honey hung it up and it is......Ahhhhhhh


My bottles and jars, all mismatched.

Please ignore the rest of the kitchen! I still have to wait another three years before we tear it out and put in my dream kitchen! ;-)

I just LOVE my new spice rack! I still have a bunch of space but if I can find more of the those Jadite glass spice jars then the spice rack will be full! And much more visually appealing!

So, I am on the hunt for those spice jars! So far no luck. I'm looking for ones that don't have any writing on them at all since I do tend to have some rather unusual spices in my arsenal of recipes.

I have a request. If any of you out there know of or have seen this type of spice jars in the jadite color, let me know! Thanks!

Okay, gotta get some gifts completed for a birthday girl!

Have a great day everyone! And thanks so much for checking out my blog! ;-)


Pam said...

What a great spice rack!!! It would be sooo cute filled with all jadite!

Joan's Good Life said...

Exactly what I'm shooting for Pam! ;-)

Corinnea said...

Oh my gorgeous!
Strange how somethings happen.... Mom and I where in a shop last week and there was a bunch of jadite which I took pictures of and then as things go didn't get sent to you yet.... There are spice jars but they do have stuff on them. I'll get them emailed to you but remind me if I don't cause I'm just a bit forgetful.

Joan's Good Life said...

I would love to see what you photographed! I LOVE Jadite and have been collecting it for some years now. The spice jars I have are reproductions but I'm okay with that since I use them all the time. I still haven't found a new source for these. The ones I have were gotten through e-bay but that was YEARS ago.

chellebelle said...

I really love those jadite jars.. and the spice rack is wonderful.. I would have been devestated by the loss of your first rack too.. It has history. And darn it.. that's important, but this is a beautiful replacement. And not hung by a wire.