Friday, January 28, 2011

On a rolllllllllllllll

Hi everyone!

This year is going pretty well in the crafting department. I've shown you all a few of the things I'd been working on so far. Nothing fancy, nothing uber cool. But, stuff that I hadn't really tried to do in a loooooong time.

I've been really getting into sewing lately. And one of the many things I'm planning on doing this year is to make all the gifts that I plan to give to friends and family. And THAT is a tall order! I've always loved making things. But I have always been a bit embarrassed to give my things to others. Since I don't normally stick to anything for a long enough time to become proficient in that craft, most everything I make then becomes a bit of an experiment. But, this year, I've decided to just go for it.

So, the last couple of days I've started a little lap quilt. Not sure if I'm doing it right. But I do know that it is possibly the best quilt top and back, I've EVER made! (I've made three finished quilts and one quilt top. None of which was done with any direction. Just used pieces of fabric I had on hand and winged it all. And they look like it too.) I must give credit to my friends. Like Corinnea who makes the most beautiful quilts! Just whips them up. And maybe I don't get around much because she was the first one I knew that made the back of a quilt just as pretty as the front! So, having seen all the quilts that she's done, I took her idea and went with it. And I actually made one that I think is going to be nice enough to give away! (Well, if I can figure out how to do the binding. I may have already messed that up, cuz I have a feeling I should have thought about that part when I put the back together.)

So, I had planned on showing you my teeny-tiny sewing room and the mess that I deal with in order to do my sewing projects. But, I decided not to. That would be too scary! ;-)

So here's what i've been working on and now my plan is to hand quilt it VERY quickly since I plan on giving this to my friend on the 9th of February. YIKES!



Okay, everyone help me by, praying that I'll get this quilted and figure out how to put the binding or (fudging) a binding on as quickly as possible!

Thank you for your help! ;-)


chellebelle said...

This is very beautiful!! I know that when I hand quilt, it is easier, and faster with a holder for your ring so that you can have one hand under and one hand over putting the needle through.. do you get what I'm saying?

Pam said...

It's so pretty!

Joan's Good Life said...

Thank you 'Chelle. The color isn't quite right in the photo's but I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out so far.

I do know what you mean about the holder and I wish I had one. But, this hoop is small enough that I can hold it and work it with both hands.


Joan's Good Life said...
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Corinnea said...

Can I say how much I love you without it being weird???

Your quilt is awesome.

You can do the binding no problem. There are a TON of good tutorials out there. Google how to bind a quilt and you will see. Heather Bailey has a very good and easy to understand tutorial. The nice, nice think about hand quilting is that no one expects the teeny tiny stitches any more! We are liberated! Today's batting doesn't need the closely stitched quilting. Just do it and above all have fun! Cam't wait to see what else you come up with.

Jessica said...

LOVE IT! you are doing a great job! I love the colors you chose!