Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This time, too big!


For those of you who have been reading my blog for a little while, you'll know that I try my hand at hand made things. Lately I've been hooked on knitting and actually made a few things that I gave as Christmas gifts. Luckily for me, they were given to family members who love me enough to humor me and wear those gifts. They are such sweet people! ;-)

Anyhow, someone that I have had trouble making things for has been my sweet little grandson. I made him a few things before he was born only to find out that those items were far too small for our little chunk monster! Well, when our dilly-girl came for Christmas this year, she wanted to learn how to sew. Of course I told her that I am NOT the person to teach her anything in the sewing department. (I've been known to throw sewing machines over balconies in the past...buuuut, that is another story for another time.) Anyhow, I had purchased a pattern for a baby hats and I bought some fleece and the two of us proceeded to pin, scrutinize, cut and sew. She did the beginning of the project and then far too quickly it was time for them to pack and get ready to go back to their home. So, while they were doing that I decided to finish the project. I also made a different hat! Amazing! I actually made a hat AND finished at hat in one day! But, the problem was... It turned out to be way too big! Yup. Really, it was rather silly! Something that should not have happened at all since the child was on the premises! I could very easily have checked on his head size and adjusted accordingly, but...... nooooooo. I did not do that and so.... this time, too big!

This is the hat that his momma started and his Nana finished. At the rate he is growing he'll be able to wear it by next winter. I hope! You can't tell by looking at this picture, but I could make a fist and stick it inside his hat with his head in it!

But he is such an angel that he gave me the sweetest look while I took this photo. Kinda like to say... "it's okay Nana, I trust that you'll eventually get it right". ;-)

Well, I didn't get a picture of the other hat I made. At one point I put his hat on while he was in the highchair and turned around to call for his momma. I was standing behind the chair and when I turned around to show his momma what I had made I noticed that his head kept turning from one side to the other as if he were looking at something flying back and forth. (insert little giggle sound here.) We both walked around to see him from the front and guess what? It wasn't that he was looking at something... he was actually trying to see! His hat that I made had fallen down over his eyes and he was trying to find a way to be able to see again! :-)

So, I have more work to do before I actually make this poor child something that he can wear/use now. The good thing is, I know now that I can actually make things! I just need to make something that will fit him!

So, there it is. A little chuckle for you today. ;-) Have a great one you all and thanks for stopping by.


Corinnea said...

Oh my word he is so cute!! Of course it will fit him next year! Isn't that why we make them big?? How fun that you sewed together! We've been doing that too this holiday.... Keep it up, what's next?

Jessica said...

how cute!

chellebelle said...

What a sweetie.. just want to kiss those cheeks... no worries on the hat.. he will grow into it. And for the sizing/knitting/ I will say it again.. Elizabeth Zimmerman.. Knitting Workshop.. go now to and order your book!!