Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All about Monday

So, I've been busy. Too busy to blog evidently, which is what I keep trying to get to. So today, I'm just here for a quick visit to say, I'm still knitting and still sewing. I knitted another cowl only this time it was for a friend of mine. And I'm making another hat for My Honey, because the first one , although he says he loves it, is a bit on the short side so I'm making one that has a nice wide band to go over his ears! And, I've advanced to something other than lined baby bibs & fleece baby hats! I've got three (non baby) projects going in the sewing department. Yay. Hopefully, I'll be showing those to you all soon.

We've had a bunch of snow around here lately. The good kind. All dry and fluffy and easy to shovel. And it's looking pretty outside. ;-) And the house looks good with the snow on and around it. I'm liking the color choice so far. It looks great in the Fall when things are turning colors and it looks good in Winter with all the snow. I hope it looks good in the summer when everything is green!

Mondays are especially busy for me. I try to cram in too much stuff to do. One of the things I do on Mondays is go to the church and water the plants and change the sign. Ricky LOVES to go with me because on Monday we get there before the cleaners do so there are always LOTS of little cookie/donut crumblies on the floor for him to suck up! He knows when it's Monday and he follows me all around the house anxiously waiting for me to say the word "church". And once I say that word he tears out for the front door! Seriously, he does!

He generally is a good walker. He doesn't pull on the leash. But on Mondays he's running up ahead of me trying to get to the goodies!

He won't even look at me when I call him. Normally I call his name while we're out walking and he'll look up (because he is normally right beside me. Mondays he's out in front of me) I got him to stop but he's still facing the church just barely able to keep still. I was trying to take a picture of him in his little fleece jacket that I made him a few years ago. But, he's not having any of that. All he can think about is the church that he's got his eyes on (literally)!

And then once we get through the doors and I unhook his leash.......

He's off and running! First thing he does is tears off running all around the place! He knows that there is not a single cat lurking about. That there are no Ethans lurking around the corner just waiting to pounce on him. Once he gets all the running out of his system (which isn't long because he's normally a lap dog so he only gets this kind of exercise on Mondays!) He buckles down to sniffing out the treats. He's like a little hound dog with his nose down on the floor and his little sniffing sounds going. Every now and then you'll hear little lip smacking sounds and then the sniffing continues. He'll do this the whole time I'm walking around watering plants. By the time I get to pulling letters for the sign he's settled down beside me waiting to head outdoors to change out the sign.

Every Monday I walk to the church and change out the sign (okay, there have been a few times when the weather is just too horrid to go out there.) But, for the most part, sign change occurs on Mondays. I get things to say from a couple books I ordered from Amazon and I also get contributions of sayings from various people in the congregation. But, if any of you have any good sayings or quotes, please share. ;-)

So, there you go. This is my monday. Work out - church - laundry - vacume - dust - water house plants - wind all the clocks and then, if I have time, I sit down and watch General Hospital and knit for an hour. Then it's off to finish the things I haven't finished and start dinner because Monday night is Bible Study night.

It's a busy day but I like it. And it's one of Ricky's favorite day! Next to Thursday. I'll have to tell you about Thursday some day.

Ya'll have a great day and I'll be back soon!


Corinnea said...

Too funny!

Pam said...

What fun! We have a church near here that has the most entertaining signs. I'll try and remember and write some down for you.

Norma's Nonsense said...

Very cute post, made me smile.

chellebelle said...

My week has been so crazy I didn't see this until today.. I love that you went through monday, and I love that you have such a wonderfully full day and I will watch for little signs too.. if you e-mail me through my blog I'll send off another little funny I loved involving dueling church signs..