Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 2011!

Happy New year everyone!

I'm a little late getting this out. Many reasons but probably the one I'm going to go with is... As much as I loved (LOVED) having our kids and their loved ones with us, it was also nice to have the house back to ourselves again! I was pretty tired AND I ended up catching a cold! First cold in a VERY LONG TIME! I must admit, I played somewhat more this last Christmas with them here than I have in the past. I didn't stress nearly as much about having the "perfect" Christmas. And that's huge for me! HUGE I tell you! The absolute best thing was that we were all together! My son and his wife and baby boy. And our daughter and her fiance. It's the first Christmas I've had my kids together since 2006 and I was a very happy Momma! It's the nicest thing to see your babies grow up and become adults who have a happy life sharing and growing with someone they love! And then to top it off.... They gave great gifts! Our Son and his wife (dilly-girl) gave me a Wii board! My honey, gave me a Wii system! And my daughter gave me the cookbook I've been wanting, Barefoot Contessa at home! And those were just a few of the bountiful booty of Christmas this year! Tonight we're having Eli's Asian Salmon and Herbed Basmati Rice recipes out of the book! Baby girl also reminded me that I should make more homemade soap. She gave me & dilly-girl a small bar of some lavender soap that she had picked up and it smells so good and it feels so yummy! So now I'm on the hunt for Lye. It's not easy to find these days at the grocery stores, but I hope to find some and then make my own soaps again this year! Anyhow....... I got tons of stuff, but the one thing I used alot (as far as Christmas gifts goes) was the Wii system. It was so, SO much fun to play with the kids! We even had our friends over (julie and jordan) and played a bit with them. But, alas, I did not get pictures of anyone playing the Wii. (although, dilly-girl did get a video of her fil and our son playing Wii doing the Hula-hoop game! And as entertaining as that video is... we will not be sharing it with the public!) ;-)

And now, I'll talk a bit about the New year, 2011. I have a feeling it's going to be just as busy as last year. But in a good way once again! The main event this year will be our daughter and her wedding in May. I am so, SO happy for her! Not that she is getting married, so much as her having found someone to share her life with. And he is such a great guy! And we are so happy for them both! I'll also be doing some traveling to visit with our grandbaby (every 4 months) and visiting my parents this summer. There may even be a road trip ahead this year with Dilly-girl and grandbaby and my parents! So... busy, busy, busy.

On that note... I'll leave you with some pictures of our kids and grandchild!

(My apologies for all the red-eye. I didn't realize I hadn't fixed those.)

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season and your new year brings joy and good health to you all!


Pam said...

Happy New Year, I hope you have a wonderful year!

Corinnea said...

So glad you guys had a great time! It is great to have family all together isn't it?

Jessica said...

love the family pictures! It was so nice for us to all be together this xmas so I totally know what you are talking about!